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XH-706 Six-axis slitting machine

From:Xionghua  Time:2019-09-04


Applicable to slitting of BOPP/PVC/PE/masking paper/imported high-grade double-sided tape/kraft paper tape/conductive foam rubber/fabric backing/industrial adhesive tape/protective film etc.


1.Principal machine drive part: AC molor from Taiwan with inverter for driving coil cutting,last acceleration and deceleration.

2.Central control unit: adopting programmable central control; it's possible to set a number of sizes (up t0 50 types) in the same shaft: automatic switching to cutting once realizing fully automatic operation.

3.Operation panel: adopting 10.4-inch shilin lcd touch screen from Taiwan, with which the cting conditions and operation conditions can be directty setting through the display.

4.Motor control system: with central control of PLC; a number of sizes can be set for the same shaft; ctting width adjusted automatically on the computer.

5.Cutting positioning system: adopting Japanese and European servo motors as the control; imported high- precision ball screw for size positioning and use of linear sliding rail to hold the tool. rendering accurate and smooth ositioning.

6.Knito advance positioning system: knife advancement controlld with Japaneso and European sorvo motor; 3- spoed knife advancement for cutling is possible, which promotes the fficiency and renders high quality.

7.Automatie angle adjustment of circular knite: Japanese and European servo motors adopled for circular knife angle change that is diferent depending on the material type(angle adjustment range +8* ). In case of poor cutting plane, the cutting angle can be changed directly so as to reduce times of knile change and avoid trouble of manual angle adjustment, substantially promoting the production fficiency.

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