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Full-automatic economic cylinder packing machine

From:Xionghua  Time:2019-09-04


1, the machine can complete multilayer or multi row combination packaging according to production requirements.

2. PLC can be programmed to realize mechatronics.

3, the equipment has a counter, can be zero;

4, use special customized knife, sealing line is firm, no cracking,not easy to stick knife;

5, feed belt conveyor, fast speed, smooth operation;

6. Adopt OMRON photoelectric positioning to make the material accurate and distinguish the material from being placed and false.

7, the machine independently designed the adjustable die, adjust the mold in the corresponding size, with the material size, no need to replace the mold, save the conversion time in production.

8. The machine adopts split structure, and the most suitable shrinkage furnace can be selected according to the size of the logistics and the packaging materials.

9, the use of inductive cutter protection makes the use of equipment greatly reduce the reject rate.

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