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Full-automatic high speed cylinder packing machine

From:Xionghua  Time:2019-09-04


The cylinder packer is designed for OPP packing tape, stationery tape, PVC electrical tape, textured paper and double- sided adhesive.


1.The fastest packing speed can reach 18-22 barrels per minute.

2.Sealing knite is specially designed. The sealing line is strong and clean, applicable for PVC, POF and PE film packaging.

3.The conveyor belt uses a small friction baseband, which does not rub the surface of the adhesive tape and is durable.

4.Transporation length can be customized according to production demang, long conveyor belt can be put more products in one time.

5.When the diameter of the tape is larger, the pre push function can be added to improve the fficiency and stability of the machine.

6.It can be connected to the rear of the full automatic sitting machine and manual slting machine to realize the unmanned operation

in the middle.

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