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high speed flat paved packing machine

From:Xionghua  Time:2019-09-04
Full-automatic high speed flat paved packing machine


It should be mainly used in OPP packing tape packing, and can produce 6 volumes, 4 volumes, 3 volumes, 2 rolls of combined packaging and single roll packaging. It can also be used for packing cloth substrates, aluminum platinum, grid tape and so on.


1.6 rolls of flat paved packaging can be as fast as 25 packs per minute.

2.It is easy to adjust the width and do not need any tools to change to the required size quickly.

3.Vertical sealing designed, sealing action is stable and fast speed.

4.The shrinkage furnace is fficient and energy saving,with high wind power,low shrinkage temperature and very low power consumption.

5.The disc and push product belt are all made of non viscose Teflon material, which will never be viscose and durable.

6.It can realie unmanned operation by connecting an automatic stting machine to a manual one.

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